Solution / Product Development

We at Apps Guru understand that when it comes to custom application development, the proposed solution has to be a step ahead in terms of Technology, Usability, Visibility and Design to ensure future application life. Today, time to deliver any application has been minimized and hence requires Agile methods to deliver the engagement. We at Apps Guru have put together a project management framework called “CRISP” – Cycle-time Reduction by Implementing Scrum Principles, which ensures that we achieve the same. We believe that most of customer solutions that get built need a last-mile connection or integrate with 3rd party applications to derive value, which is where our understanding of Enterprise Application helps client to leverage our expertise in this space.

Product Engineering right from Ideation, design, develop, test and deploy a software product helps client to have strategic partners take care of entire product life cycle phases. The competitive software development area with new technologies and shortened life cycle has made clients understand the importance of collaboration with engineering companies to develop systems and execute based on the products vision and strategy. This would help companies to develop new products faster and also enhance product lifecycle change adoption faster and cheaper thus faster time-to-market.

Apps Guru has built solutions / products in the area of Image analytics, video analytics, BYOD adoption within Enterprise Networks, Security enablement of network infrastructure to name a few. Our expertise is in the areas of BI, Enterprise Mobility, BYOD and Cloud Security, Threat Management and App security, and end point security. Our focus is on Mobile, Cloud, Social and Analytics technologies to build products of the future.

Our effort is to see Enterprise use mobility as a solution to interact within and also connect with customers & Vendors outside to perform their tasks efficiently.

Our Enterprise Mobility Services help enterprises become more connected by simplify business complexity & collaboration challenges. We at Apps Guru, not only seamlessly integrate with Oracle EBS and other business applications across the enterprise, but also increase collaboration through enterprise mobility,ensuring that its functionality and security is not compromised. The ability to perform business critical operations and the power to take decisions regardless of the time and location hold the key to any business’s success. Our strength lies in our ability to understand client business and provide optimized solutions, latest technologies and best practices, enabling clients to gain operational, economic and strategic business advantage. Our goal is not just to provide solutions to specific problems but to provide an end to end answer that transforms your enterprise. Our expertise in the enterprise mobility helps you in increased productivity & efficiency.
Image & Video analytics is the automatic algorithm extraction and logical analysis of information found in it using digital processing techniques. Images and Image sequence (Video’s) comprises of 75% of unstructured big data and analytic systems and it must assimilate and interpret images. We see future in healthcare, monitoring applications like ATM, Production line etc., consumer and marketing research & Oil and gas to use this technology to enhance their ability to respond to real-time situations and data analytics.
We at Apps Guru work closely with Product Development Enterprises to build their Products and solutions around Enterprise security. We have expertise to build products and solutions in the space of Data Governance, Malware detection, Network security, Device Management and so on using latest technology. We also use open source applications and integrate to achieve enterprise objectives around BYOD surveillance , deploying integrated Security tool for their Network and Applications within them to achieve Cloud security and compliance.
Apps Guru automation tool helps lower costs and improve IT efficiencies by automating tasks for Pre & Post Configuration steps on target instance while performing clone from Hot or Cold backup for EBS Environment. It supports both RAC and non-RAC environments and is available for EBS R12.1.x and R12.2.x environment. Customizable post clone steps for customer specific requirements. Benefits of automation include Reduce manual tasks, Improve DBA productivity, Minimize human errors, Improve service quality, Maximise DBA utilization and saving time by reduced downtime.