Independent Verification and Validation:

The primary driver of ERP success is to engage a third party that can conduct independent verification and validation throughout the project life cycle for organizations. At Apps Guru Consulting, we strictly adhere to a systematic approach for ensuring the product is being built correctly and the desired application is being built which involves a series of technical, managerial and financial processes that assess ongoing project. We proactively protect your organization’s needs and interests by working in partnership with your organization. We provide tangible metrics and suggest alternative approaches to ensure you are on the right path to materialize optimal benefits in the form of increased quality of software design,cost savings and operational efficiency.

We have a team of consultants capable of assessing and rescuing a number of high-profile, failed implementations.Our end to end assessment includes a focus onchange management and process management to bring down overall project costs.We also have managerial, technical and financial independence and perform Verification and Validation in parallel with the development process.Our critical analysis is always complemented with recommendations for how your business can mitigate potential risks.

Our Approach:

The key to success is making a lot of progress quickly while being through enough to really get a good understanding of what needs to be done, where things are, and what the problems are, and what the problems are. For most projects this can be done within four days, which includes the time required to produce the final deliverable report. It takes project management expertise and experience with many large projects to be able to this efficiently and accurately.

A High-level outline of the process followed includes:

An in-depth review of the foundational project documents.
A review of project status documents, meeting minutes, etc.,
A review of the various planning documents.
Interviews with the project sponsor, stakeholders, and various team members.

These steps provide an understanding of what is working well and allow us to identify and potential problem areas. Throughout the process we will refine our understanding, validate our findings, and focus on identifying specific improvements that will make a tangible difference to the project. It is a process that can and should be repeated throughout the life of the project at periodic intervals.