QUBE - Tailored for Oracle EBS

QUBE is a business intelligence platform built for Oracle EBS. The backend data integrator and OLAP are scalable, and handle very large volumes of data, while the front-end provides elegance, functionality, and power to managers and business analysts alike.

QUBE is a comprehensive business intelligence platform which comes with an inbuilt ETL tool, reporting tool and analytics. It allows information sources across systems, channels and repositories to be semantically model into business dimensions and measures. It helps business managers conduct granular analysis on the data available and thus accelerate accurate decision making.

Data Integration
QUBE Data Integration is a product that accesses data from disparate systems - excel spreadsheets to main frame systems to RDBMS and Integrate with Oracle Apps and has a transformation engine that provides a large library of pre-packaged rules, and loader for loading into an enterprise data warehouse. Business Analysis & Reporting

QUBE Business Analysis & Reporting is designed for the business user. Most products, geared for use by IT people, provide SQL-like capability to provide power to the user. So when business analysts and managers use them, they are forced to learn SQL syntax and structure that have no real world value.

QUBE Business Analysis & Reporting has no such expectations. It has no programming capability, so creating reports, drilling down, filtering, etc. are achieving my simple mouse clicks. And it has some very nifty features. For example, you clicked on a few measures and dimensions, produced a report, got what you wanted, and moved on. QUBE saves all these mouse clicks that got you the report. And when you have gone home for the day, QUBE goes to work, caching new data based on those mouse clicks. So that when you come back the next day and want the same report for the new day, you have it delivered almost instantaneously.

QUBE Business Delivery Platform is defined for the business user. Business should listen to what Enterprise Data is saying by Identifying Hot-spots that needs monitoring across Enterprise Business Processes influencing its performance.

How we intend to Deliver

Business wants to make decision faster proactively based on the trends and take necessary action to improve the overall Business process efficiency

"Management by Evidence" using BI Solution providing Actionable Intelligence (Pre-Configured KPI's) from backend Oracle EBS

Tailored Delivery based on customer's business
Visualization through KPI, Heat Maps, Personalized Landing Page
Knowledge Distribution to right user base

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) Model

Our Approach

Complex Business Process demands a sophisticated ability to define, select and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze the business processes.

Some possible areas:

Customer Perspective - Reliability & Responsiveness

Order Fulfillment

Delivery performance

Order lead time

Financial Perspective - Cost, Revenue & Profitability


Cash Flow

Profit & Loss Statements

Internal Perspective - Capacity Utilization

Manufacturing and Distribution cost

Inventory Investment

Flexibility and Response