Cyber Security Offerings

Our team includes white hat hackers, penetration testers, security product development engineers and security quality analysts which made us a strong and end to end service offering organization. AppsGuru offers a pragmatic experience in assessing products, applications, and infrastructure.

As a security services organization, we endeavor to be a world pioneer in everything identified with security; from firewall to entire network posture from application security to complete web application penetration testing. Numerous commercial enterprises and IT security organizations require assistance in maintaining or building a new infrastructure for their data security. We have mastered in security analysis to support you along the path through testing, assessing, consulting and auditing.

We provide services like application assessment, application code review, product assessment, architecture and design review, threat analysis and mitigation etc. Some application security knowledge at the customer end is often a critical success factor to ensure their application security and we provide training through various application security programs addressing different levels in the customer organization.

A large set of companies is using agile development methodology these days to serve the business requirements for the applications. The numbers of release cycles are very high and one of the biggest challenges for security team is to test these applications in rapid development world. This particular service is designed in last two years specially to review applications that are developed with agile methodology and needs frequent security attention compared to traditional applications. The service starts with yearly subscription where our team performs security review for each release cycle of the application covering both major and minor releases. We leverage both automated and manual method to test the application and perform production safe.

Application Deployment Assessment

Application deployment environment contains web servers, application servers, databases, middleware etc. This service encompasses analysis of the deployment environment and suggests various different configurations to protect the application infrastructure.