Managed Security

AppsGuru offers an extensive array of managed IT security services to organizations of all sizes. Our IT security administrations offer fortification across the network, protecting the edge, acute in-house resources, information, remote clients, clients and accomplices. Our service area offer key controls to regulations including PCI, HIPAA and ISO.

AppsGuru gives managed IT security services to a large number of customers. Delivering IT security offerings is altogether different from offering security items - it implies that our association with our clients is simply starting when the technological innovation is usually deployed. After which the support is up and operating, our consumers count on us for having certified, qualified and specialist analysts on work twenty four hours per day, 365 times a year

Our clients anticipate that we will be always enhancing our and their security stance – plus they foresee that it is throughout realtime, not even by using large updates and even computer software updates. They believe that our research work force will be at the front line of threat exploration and countermeasure advancement. They rely on that we will be conscious of the most recent improvements in the administrative environment. They expect that we will be developing new innovation for our infrastructure and theirs, to address new threats and also to drive productivity

Our clients, which extend from very small to vast organizations with substantial security groups to organizations with no full-time security personnel, oblige adaptability to best backing their needs. For some, they look to AppsGuru to just reinforcement their current security staff, observing a few devices, cautioning if important or basically utilizing our purpose-built Consumer Portal for reporting and management. Others look to us to effectively deal with some or the majority of their security surroundings: design, deployment and reaction. They assume to have the capacity to get to and produce reports fitting for all internal audiences, from administrators and board individuals to security analysts and administrators.